Know These Things Men Love About Their Wives

When you are married, you often complain that your husband takes you for granted or does not give you much credit for the things that you do.However, do you realise that there are many things which your husband loves about you, but does not usually wish to reveal about it to you?Now, this sounds like quite a fun thing to know right? Imagine how much better you'd feel after the reality is spilled! Generally, a woman would have seen that her man is quite vocal in many things, but is mute or dumb to certain other things, specially when it comes to appreciating his wife. He does not wish to express certain things or give his opinion about it. These little things can lead to chaos and frustration. But, do not fret about it, as most of the men out there are not comfortable in expressing about their feelings to their women.Here are some things men love abouttheir wives.

1.Wives Ultimately Finish Doing All The Things: "One does not have to ask her to do anything. If she finds something has to be done, she does it even before notice it, all the time. Most of these things are the ones she'd have asked me to do weeks back. But, yeah, I appreciate this kind effort of hers!"

2.Wives Remember Things That Husbands Don't: "My wife has an incredible memory, it can be either be good or bad. She remembers the most ridiculous things I have done long back. How does she remember so much?"

3.Wives Are Incredible Mothers: "My wife is the best tutor my kids could ask for. She is their positive role model and always helps our children with their studies and homework. Hats off to her!"

4.Wives Love Their Husbands, Despite Their Stupidity: "You gotta admit this. We men do stupid things and expect our partners not to react. Our wives generally roll their eyes and simultaneously shake their head out of frustration. But, the brownie points here are, they still love us, no matter what."

5.Wives Cuddle Husbands When They're Sick: "Nothing is better than getting a warm hug when you're unwell and what better than getting cuddled by your dear wifey, right? After all, we men behave like wimps when we're unwell and need the utmost attention!"

6.Wives Anticipate Things: "Wives are just like radars. They get to know something worse is going to happen even before it actually happens. I love my wife for this interesting characteristic of hers, where she is able to predict stuff even before it happens."

These are the things men love about their wives.