Know These Things That Men Wish Women Knew

Just like the way women wish that men should know more about them in order to understand them, even men too secretly wish that women should understand them better. Yes, there are certain things men wish women knew.As men and women are wired differently, sometimes, it might get confusing to understand each other. Men wonder why women take so much of time to get ready and women wonder why men are not really in touch of their emotions.In fact, many women don't know that men like women to ask them out. Men like women to be more expressive in the areas of romance. This way, there are things men wish women knew.Here are some things that men wish women knew.

1.Yes Guys Do Cry: Men try to hide their emotions in public but they do cry in private or in front of their close friends.

2.They Too Get Hurt: Many women think that men seldom have feelings and therefore, they never get hurt. No, men do get hurt and are more emotional than women and this is why they take more time to move on after a break up.

3.They Love Porn: 98% of the men love watching porn. In fact, irrespective of their age, they don't mind refreshing their mood by watching porn occasionally.

4.They Love Women Taking Charge: Men love seeing a woman dominating and taking charge, but only inside the bed room. If gives them a high when a woman is more open about her desires.

5.He Hates To Share His Meal: When you are dining with him, he may make faces if you suddenly grab a bite or two from his meal. Yes, men hate sharing their meal unless you are too close.

6.He Hates To Hear About Other Guys: Praise another man in front of him and he will start brooding. Men hate to digest the fact that even other guys can attract your attention.

7.Men Hate Interruptions: While he is playing video games or reading books or having fun with his friends, he would hate to be interrupted.

8.Beautiful Girls Intimidate Him: If you are too beautiful, men will be intimidated in your presence. And if you are also rude, men will try to keep away from you.

9.They're Scared Of Making The First Move: Yes, men feel too shy to propose or make the first move. It makes even a muscular man nervous and shiver.

10.Men Love Food: Cook his favourite meal, feed him and he will start falling for you. There is something that men love about a woman who cooks and feed them.

These are the things that men wish women knew.