Know These Things That Teenage Boys Crave For

It isn't tough to understand men. And when it comes to teenage boys, though they are a bit complicated and messy, it isn't too tough to understand them.But of course, you might need to handle with care if you are interested in knowing about that boy in your class who seems to be cute.Teenage boys tend to be volatile, wild, crazy or cool. Some of them hug the extremes; like they are either introverted or extroverted. Actually, during that age, all of us are in the learning stages, trying to experiment certain things before we develop a personality.Here are some things that teenage boys crave for.

Things that teenage boys crave for are:

1.Pretty Face: Teenage guys are pretty sure about a pretty face. They see tons of movies and dream about having a girlfriend who is as pretty as the heroine in the movies they watch.

2.Self Esteem: Teenagers generally battle with so many insecurities. Even a pimple on the face or some belly fat; anything could be a reason behind the insecurity of a teenager. So, if you are confident and don't have such body image issues or worries, you tend to look beautiful to him.

3.Common Interests: A guy quickly shows interest if a girl shares similar interests or hobbies like singing, playing guitar or watching sports.

4.Style: Teenage guys like a stylish and cool girls. The mere look of a fashionable, stylish girl wearing beads, jeans, sporting trendy accessories would stimulate the senses of teenage boys.

5.High Heels: Some teenagers are obsessed with high heels. Girls wearing high heels can stir fantasies in teenage boys. But try that only if you have long toned legs.

6.Damsel In Distress: Teenage boys get the kick when they help a woman out. So, even if it is a small help, when you act vulnerable and ask for help, he will be more than happy to be your knight in the shining armour.

7.They Hate Rejection: Teenage guys suffer lots of insecurities and they also hate being rejected. As they are pretty young, they know very little about how to behave when a girl is around. So, they may feel nervous or try to hide their fears by putting a strong face.

These are the things that teenage boys crave for.