Know These Things Women Do That Make Men Crazy

The relationship between a man and a woman has always been very mysterious. Both of them are poles apart yet cannot stay without being with each other.They differ in their viewpoints on the same subject and this is why, sometimes, they find it very difficult to understand each other. This creates a clash between the two.The way a woman acts may look weird in the eyes of a man; similarly, a woman finds the gestures of a man very peculiar at times. This is like a string of never-ending arguments that happen between a man and a woman.It can sometimes be weird for the couple themselves to understand the situation they are arguing about. This weirdness has nothing to do with the relationship; it is just because of the distinct natures of the two individuals.Here are some things that women do that make men crazy.

1.Excess Makeup: This is one of the 10 things women do that make men crazy. Makeup undoubtedly hides your flaws and enhances your beauty, but too much of makeup can make men fanatical. Keep it natural, men love natural beauty.

2.Alcohol/Drugs/Smoking: Every human being has some defect; however, the biggest thing that repels a man from a woman is her overindulgence in alcohol, drugs or smoking. Drinking and smoking to a certain limit is acceptable on some occasions, but if you are overdoing it and creating a scene in front of your man, he is certainly going to be out of his mind.

3.Having Male Friends: Having male friends is quite normal these days, and most of the guys are quite okay with this. However, always remember that even if you have a male friend, you must maintain certain limits. The moment your male friend starts interfering in your relationship with your man, it can make your man go crazy.

4.Not Giving Space: If you are not giving space to your man, then this is one of the 10 things women do that make men crazy. Men need space; it does not mean that he dislikes you. Giving space to your man can actually be beneficial to your relation and can also make things look more fresh and spicy whenever you meet after a long time interval.

5.Mood Swings: Every woman goes through mood swings, one moment she can be euphoric, funny and go on talking to her man for hours. The other moment she can be upset, cranky and stop talking to her man for no reason at all. This can make a man crazy.

6.Talking About Your Ex: If you go on reminding your new boyfriend about the shortcomings of your ex, this can surely get him irritated. If you want to have peace in your present relation, never talk about your past.

7.Your Female Friends: Female friends are always good because they can understand a woman's emotions better than anyone else. It is good to share your stuff with them; however, avoid sharing each and every detail with them about your boyfriend. Sometimes, your female friends start giving you opinions based on their failed relationships. This can make your man furious.

8.Asking Stupid Questions: Sometimes, women ask silly questions to their boyfriends. How am I looking today? Am I looking fat in this dress? If you continue to ask your man such questions in every meeting of yours, you are certainly going to drive him nuts.

9.Online Stalking: Online stalking can be one of the 10 things women do that can make men crazy. It makes a man furious that you have been stalking him on social networking sites and other apps. He will think that you feel so insecure that you cannot even trust him.

10.Confrontations: Every guy cannot fight with anyone you meet on the street and start bickering. He might brag about himself in front of you to save his manhood, but don't expect him to protect you if you speak wildly with a stranger, and especially when the mistake is entirely yours.

These are the things women do that make men crazy.