Know These Unrealistic Expectations Of Men

Before one experiences reality, it is quite natural to have certain unrealistic expectations. This is true especially for men.Maybe that is why young men have certain expectations when they start relationships but gradually they will realise that things don't work out like that.Here are some unrealistic expectations of men to know.

Unrealistic expectations of men are:

1.Some men expect their women to look good all the time. Well, if you expect your wife to look good even when cooking and cleaning, you are actually expecting too much.

2.Some men expect their women to be like their moms. Comparing your wife with your mom and expecting your wife to cook like your mom or be like your mom is an unrealistic expectation.

3.Another unrealistic expectation is expecting your wife to obey your mother. Unless your wife feels comfortable, she cannot take instructions from your mother. It is unrealistic to expect your wife to serve your mother.

4.Some men expect their wives to be ultra modern outside home but very traditional at home. They also expect them to follow all traditional rituals too.

5.Another unrealistic expectation is staying fit. With age, anyone may gradually lose physical fitness and beauty. So, expecting your woman to find time to workout even amidst a busy schedule is unrealistic.

These are the unrealistic expectations of men.