Know These Valentines Day Surprises For Him And Her

Ladies, these surprises are also meant for you. It is time to hold that baton and surprise your man on this special day of love! And, even though you and your partner consider every day as a day of love, it is important to celebrate Valentine's day.Spoil each other with lots of love, kisses and hugs. Make this perfect day of love special, by spending it with each other. Don't forget to shower each other with gifts too. Love letters too are most welcome, as they are one of the best ways to express your love for each other in the form of words and feelings.Here are some valentine's day surprises for him and her.

1.Create A Love Jar: A love jar is one of the best surprises you can give to each other. Store a tiny jar with little bits of paper. Each time you want to tell your partner something special, write it down on that piece of paper and place it in the jar. It is something like a love letter, but this little note makes one feel all the more special.

2.Gaze At The Stars: Nothing is as romantic as gazing at the sky with stars with the one that you love. Set aside a nice warm blanket, hot chocolate in a flask, and you're good to celebrate this Valentine's Day in a very special way.

3.Play That Game: There are a ton of games that you and your partner can play together this Valentine's Day. If you want to spend sometime together under the sheets, try some of the sex games to make this day of love all the more spicy for you.

4.Spa Date: Spas are extremely relaxing, especially if the two of you are working right through the week. Plan a spa date and do the things that you like with each other, but make sure that the spa date is tension-free and is relaxing.

5.Exotic Meals: If you haven't tried out exotic food, this Valentine's day you know waht to do! There are a lot of restaurants that are famous in serving some nice exotic delicacies, so make it a point to visit one and binge on some of the delicious foods from around the world.

6.Dance In The Moonlight: To make this Valentine's day special, dance with your lady under those million stars and the big moon. Pour her a glass of wine and pamper her with strawberries dipped in chocolate. That's one special way to spend Valentine's day on a moonlit night!

These are the valentine's day surprises for him and her.