Know These Ways To Be Her Pillow

Are you wondering what being a pillow means? It just means offering comfort so someone. A pillow allows us to relax and sleep peacefully. Also, a pillow allows us to hug and squeeze.A pillow makes you feel comfortable secure and happy. In the same way, you can be a good company to your girlfriend. You can let her lean over you and slip into sleep.But that is just the physical side of being a pillow to her.Here are some ways to be her pillow.

Ways to be her pillow are:

1.Be approachable to her all the time: If she feels that you are someone who receives her with open arms any time, then she will trust you completely and feels good in your company.

2.Listen more and talk less: When she speaks, listen with all your being. Only then you can be a good pillow. If you keep chattering and expect her to listen to your chatter, she will get bored of you.

3.Develop some patience: Sometimes your girl may speak wise words and other times, she may utter some nonsense. Don't lose patience when she does so. Wait till she regains balance and again speaks wise words.

4.Be selfless: You can be a good pillow only when you stop putting yourself first and let the other person lean on you. It means you need to absorb her good and bad things instead of complaining about your life issues the moment she comes to meet you.

5.Win her confidence: Only then she will tell her secrets. Never force her to tell anything. Just wait and see. Gradually, she will tell you everything if you don't be over curious about her.

6.Be non-judgmental: Don't pass weird comments and don't judge her past if she ever tells you any embarrassing incidents of her life. Be a good pillow.

7.Assure her during every meeting: Hug her tight and kiss her on the forehead before she goes to sleep. And don't sleep until she peacefully sleeps leaning on your chest. These tips are enough to make yourself her warm, cozy pillow.

These are the ways to be her pillow.