Know These Worst Places For Your First Date

When we are going on our first date, we think about many places where we could meet the love of our life, as this is going to be a really special event in our lives.Going for a movie or having a drink might make you think that it is a really cool plan; but do you know that these places are among the worst places that you can decide to go on your date?Well, now this might make you think that any place is okay as long as you are getting time to chill out with your special one.But, do not forget that the first impression is always the last impression, especially if you are looking for a long-term relationship.Find out about the places that you should actually avoid on your first date.After you've read this article and are confused as to where exactly you should go on your first date, then keep checking this section, as we will enlighten you about the places that you should go to on your dream first date.Here are some worst places for your first place.

1.Movies: Though this is a good idea when you are in a relationship, it would be dumb if you just sit in a movie hall without talking anything. The first date is all about knowing each other well and not spending time this way.

2.Drinking: Drinking at the bar can be quite an awkward situation and your date might end up in having a wrong impression about you. It is quite dangerous to be drunk around somebody new and you would not like to witness an embarrassing scene where your date is over-drunk, right?

3.Taking Them For A Family Event: Remember this basic rule... Do not take your date home to introduce to your family, unless you know and understand them well. Otherwise, this is just awkward, as you never know the questions your family might ask him/her. After all, let the relationship start and give it sometime to nurture, people!

4.Avoid Fast Food Joints: If you think that taking your date to a fast food centre would be a great idea, then you are totally wrong. The children screaming in the background or the people waiting around your table to finish fast will just ruin your feeling.

5.Visiting His/Her House: Do not step into either one of your houses, as it is not a cool idea, at least not for your first date. Spending time inside somebody's house, wherein you don't know much about them, can be quite risky. So, avoid doing this completely.

6.Walking Around The Mall: This can be quite annoying when you decide to take a walk in the mall and your date decides to try something new. You will only find yourself waiting outside the trial room for no reason. So, it's better you avoid it completely.

These are the worst places for your first date.