Learn The Art Of Hugging On This Hug Day

Today is Hug Day Of this valentine's week. So, are you ready to hug your special someone? Well, if you have never hugged anyone in the past then you might need some training.Of course nobody can teach romance to anyone but learning some basics might help you know what might work and what may misfire. Yes, when you do things awkwardly, you may never be able to take a woman till the bedroom because women sense a man's qualities in every conversation, meeting and even with a hug and a kiss.If you fail the test, you will be denied the higher pleasures. So, here is small guide that may help you out.

1.First, Make Her Crave For A Hug: If you knew her for sometime, you have to do some ground work. In every conversation with her, try to praise her beauty in a very subtle way. Never make it look obvious. When a woman is treated like a queen, she will surely like to hug you. Get ready for that special day.

2.Thrill Her With A Gift To Make Her Feel Like Hugging You: On that special day, come up with either a thrilling news or a thoughtful gift which makes her feel like hugging you instantly. Keep your body language open so that she feels comfortable to hug you.

3.Don't Be Fast Or Harsh: Just because she hugged you, it doesn't mean she wants to get laid. So, treat her gently instead of being too fast or greedy in touching her.

4.Don't Squeeze Her: When she hugs you tightly, resist the temptation to squeeze her. Of course, every man would feel like squeezing a woman when suddenly a hug is offered. But don't do that.

5.Show Passion And Love: Every cell in your body should communicate your love and passion during the hug. If you can't pull it off, forget about learning the art of hugging. 

6.Know When To Let Go And When To Start Again: Nobody can breathe if you hug for half an hour. So, gently release your grip, say a few words and again tighten. Repeat this process for some time sensing her reactions to know whether she wants more.

7.Know When To Stop: If you keep hugging forever, you will never see her again as she will run away from your company. So, know when to stop.

These are the tips to learn the art of hugging on this hug day.