Reasons Why A Preachy Boyfriend Is Boring

Some people have the habit of taking the role of the teacher. They assume themselves as the 'intelligent one' around and constantly bother others with their lectures.If your partner does the same, then you may need to think again as you will run away from such a person in the future.In the initial stages, you may feel as if you have found a very wise teacher who can enlighten you. Here are some reasons why a preachy boyfriend is boring.

1.Some people have the obsession to correct others. If your boyfriend's preachy behavior doesn't stop there and goes till correcting every action of yours then you are in big trouble.

2.If his preachy behavior goes till the point of controlling your actions, then you may get suffocated.

3.If your preachy guy never cares to listen to your side of the story, your frustration would double up.

4.Generally, preachy guys never practice what they preach. So, if your guy expects you to be ideal and never cares to correct his own mistakes, that's a red flag.

5.If you are unable to listen to his constant lecture, think again. He may turn into a nuisance in your life.

6.If he starts deriving pleasure in always proving you wrong and being right, the love in your heart may vanish sooner or later, think again.

7.If he makes you feel inferior with his lectures then he could be suffering from superiority complex which may make life difficult for you.

These are the reasons why a preachy boyfriend is boring.