Reasons Why Casual Dating Isn't Really Bad

Some of us look down upon casual dating. We tend to value only genuine relationships or marriage. But frankly speaking, even casual dating has its own benefits.Maybe with the changing times, people have started to understand that casual dating isn't really a big sin. Sometimes, having someone by your side physically, emotionally and intellectually helps you a great deal but it doesn't mean you would wish to marry him or her.Causal dating offers all the benefits of a relationship without that commitment issues. Of course, life without commitment may seem dry but during some phases of life you don't want anything serious. You may just need a friend with benefits. During such a phase, casual dating may fill the gap.Here are some benefits of casual dating to know.

Benefits of casual dating are:

1.You can enjoy your freedom. But still, you tend to have someone to keep you happy whenever you want company. This is the greatest advantage of casual dating.

2.You will be able to meet new people anytime. Casual dating doesn't restrict your freedom to date anyone new; you never feel stuck.

3.You can enjoy the joy of a regular relationship without any strings or attachments. In casual dating, you can feel the warmth of someone offering you some fun and joy but without dictating any rules or setting expectations.

4.There's no drama in casual relationships. That's the best part. She won't shout at you if you are late, she doesn't feel bad if you click 'like' on a beautiful picture on Facebook, she will never pick a quarrel if you spend more time with your mom and so on.

5.You can focus on your work without getting distracted. During student life or in crucial stages of building a career, you don't want to fall in love with anyone as love takes up all your energy and distracts you. In such a phase, you still want the fun of hooking up with someone in the evening but during the day, you want to think only about work. Casual dating allows you to do that.

6.There's no room for jealousy in casual dating. This is one benefit. You will never feel insecure if she is seen talking to someone and she also will never tie your hands down if she sees you having coffee with someone else.

7.You can explore more in bed in casual dating. You will not feel too conscious to explore what keeps you happy in bed. You can try crazy things without feeling shy as she isn't your life partner.

But wait; such relationships serve no higher purpose other than offering short term thrill. It is better to remember that no other relationship can take the place of a love relationship or a marriage relationship. So, ensure that you don't get addicted to casual dating and postpone your marriage.