Reasons Why Do We Close Eyes While Kissing

Have you ever kissed someone? Have you observed the fact that we tend to close eyes while kissing? In fact, closed eyes resemble your passion. But did someone create this rule or custom? If you keep your eyes open will your partner feel bad? Well, when it comes to romance, there are no such rules; nobody can teach it and nobody needs to teach you how to kiss.We all tend to learn romance and love almost instinctively, and when you try to kiss the other person, you will naturally close your eyes.Here are some reasons why we close eyes while kissing.

1.A kiss can ignite pleasure. For some, kiss can give more pleasure than intercourse. A kiss can make you live in the moment. Even a wandering mind comes to a standstill while kissing. In such a moment, closed eyes can help you enjoy the pleasant sensations while open eyes distract you. So, we close eyes.

2.Another funny theory says that women close their eyes to fantasise James Bond and wouldn't want to feel disappointed by opening their eyes.

3.When a person comes too close and kisses you, you will obviously tend to feel self conscious, right? Some say that we close eyes because we feel conscious and shy.

4.Closed eyes let us relax and this allows us to get carried away in the flood of emotions that sweet moment.

5.A kiss is a very intimate act. It is tender, erotic and emotionally charged act. To feel it completely, you have to keep your eyes closed.

6.A study claims that focusing on something else while focusing on visuals would be tough for the brains and therefore, it shuts the eyes.

7.Try to hold a newspaper very close to your eyes. Your eyes may get strained and the image looks blurred too. Your eyes can't focus on objects too close. So they close.

These are the reasons why we close our eyes while kissing.