Reasons Why Fantasising Is Not Bad

Human beings have the capacity to think, analyse and dream. And of course, when it comes to the area of romance, we tend to use this power of dreaming for the sake of fantasising. Of course, thinking about someone other than your partner isn't really a good thing morally; but it isn't really such a bad thing, say experts. Of course, fantasising or imagining someone else in your dreams is far better than cheating.Also, it is better to accept the fact that fantasising is natural.Here are some things to know about fantasising.

Facts to know about fantacising are:

1.Experts say that every human being has the tendency to imagine someone else in the dreams. Even the most sincere and loyal partners may rarely imagine someone else in their dreams and there is nothing wrong in it.

2.Sometimes, fantasising could spice up a bored session. In that way, it helps make the romance better between couples who are losing interest.

3.In a survey, nearly 87% of the men and women openly admitted that they fantasise celebrities too.

4.Even if one consciously represses such desires, the human brain releases such feelings through wet dreams.

5.But wait, if consistent fantasising leads you to a point where you feel the uncontrollable desire to cheat, then you may need to think again. It is better to use that mechanism to just enjoy your life; but not to cheat.

6.Human beings are gifted with the power of dreaming to feel better and forget about the lack of certain things in their realities. If you don't have a car but are craving for it, you tend to dream about owning a car for a while and get a high, right? Fantasising is also a subconscious attempt to derive a high by imagining the joy that is absent in your life. So it isn't a crime.

These are the facts to know about fantasising.