Reasons Why Girls Like Teddy Bears

Tomorrow is 'Teddy Day' according to the Valentine calendar. Have you gifted your girl with a cute teddy bear? Not yet? Then read this post and surprise her with a cute teddy and a warm hug.You need to know why girls like teddy bears. Yes, there are some psychological reasons behind women liking teddy bears so much. And yes, your chances of winning her heart may increase when you gift her with something as cute as a teddy bear.Remember that the teddy bear that you're going to gift her with must resemble your love and don't forget to hug her tightly when you give it to her. Here are some reasons why girls like teddy bears.

1.They're Cute: Women love cute things and teddy bears, pet cats and pups are the cutest things on this planet according to most of the women.

2.For Cuddling: Women love to cuddle; but in your absence, how can your woman cuddle? Give a teddy bear and the problem is solved!

3.Teddy Never Snores: She loves to sleep with the teddy bear because it never snores like you.

4.It's A Good Travel Buddy: A teddy can be a good travel buddy. Even if you're lazy to travel with her, she can happily go alone without missing you if a teddy bear is on her side.

5.It Doesn't Have bad Breath: As a teddy doesn't have bad breath, she can happily kiss it any time without worrying about foul smells.

6.Teddy Never Argues: As a teddy never argues or fights back with her, her true love is with teddy for sure. Also, a teddy can keep smiling even after she slaps are not capable of such patience.

7.Teddy Doesn't Leak Her secrets: Women tell all their secrets to only their close female friends and teddy bears. The female friends may leak secrets but a teddy bear never betrays her trust.

8.Reminds Her Of Her Childhood: She will remember her sweet childhood when she holds a teddy with her hands.

9.Brings Her Motherly Instinct: Women would love to care and nurture. A teddy bear will bring this side of hers out.

10.A Teddy Never Breaks Up: Men cheat and they betray but a teddy bear neither cheats nor breaks up with her. That's why women love teddy bears more.

These are the reasons why girls like teddy bears.