Reasons Why Men Secretly Love Older Women

Though men don't admit it openly, it is a fact that all men have a crush on mature women. In fact, even young men crave for the company of mature women and even mature men prefer mature women.In fact, in a recent study, many men between the age of 18-31 declared that they would love to date women who is older than themselves. There are reasons for this. It isn't that girls aren't beautiful. But mature women are wiser, intelligent, experienced and of course, beautiful. They know more about life and how to handle situations. But when it comes to girls, it is tough to handle them as they are still immature, volatile, carry attitude and often crave for a lot of emotional investment.But when girls age and turn into women, they learn a lot and become better. Maybe, this is why men prefer the grown up version of girls as relationships are more than just kissing, hugging and texting.Here are some reasons why men secretly love older women.

1.Women Are Independent; Girls Expect To Be Pampered: Though men love to pamper someone, they feel bored soon, if pampering becomes a daily necessity. That's why independent women are better.

2.Women Prefer A Debate Whereas Girls Quarrel: Mature women are not quarrelsome. They think before they respond. This makes them more attractive.

3.Women Accept When They Are Wrong; Girls Argue Endlessly: There is beauty in accepting the truth without denying. But young girls can't; they try to justify even their mistakes. But mature women handle such situations gracefully.

4.Women Solve Their Problems; Girls Are Busy Complaining: As mature women are capable, they tend to solve their problems without waiting for any man to come and help. But young girls prefer to sit and complain as they tend to expect men to help.

5.Women Move On; Girls Carry Emotional Baggage: As mature women know that disappointments and problems are normal, they forgive and forget. But girls create drama, cry a lot and make everything a mess.

6.Women Are Stable; Girls Are Moody: Mature women tend to maintain stable moods whereas young girls are bubbly and volatile.

7.Women Are Closer To Reality; Girls Are Stuck In Fantasy: It is tough to wake up people who live in fantasies. That is the problem with young girls. But women tend to stay in reality.

8.Women Are Clear About Their Needs; Girls Are Confused: As mature women know what they want, dealing with them tends to be easier compared to confused girls who never know what they really want.

9.Women Are Graceful In Social Events; Girls Are Loud And Attention Seeking: This is one reason why mature women are always better than girls.

10.Women Want Meaningful Relationships; Girls Want Thrill, Romance And Attachment: This is one quality that separates women from the girls. Women choose only meaningful relationships as they hate time-wasting affairs.

11.Women Have More Life Experience; Girls Have A Lot To Learn: Now, you must have understood why men prefer to date and marry someone mature.

These are the reasons why men secretly love older women.