Reasons Why Some Couples Kiss In Public

Romance is an intimate affair. It feels good when it is done amidst closed doors. In fact, intercourse may feel good when it happens in a dark room.But often, we wonder why some people try to make out in public places. Putting aside the judgments, some of us wonder why some couples cross limits in public places.Here are some reasons why some couple kiss in public.

1.Some couples have that fetish. Some people have a deep desire to make out in public and that thrills them. So, they don't think twice to do that.

2.For some couples, finding a place for romance is the problem. This is true especially for couples who are dating against the wishes of their families. They tend to find parks and try to make out there.

3.Some people derive a kick when they kiss in trains, flights or other public places because there is fear factor involved in it. So, they do such things for that kick.

4.Some couples have a deep craving to give the world a statement that they are in love. So, they exhibit love publicly.

5.Some people get aroused only when others are looking at them while getting intimate. So, they start their work in public.

6.Some people who have been raised under strict conditions and discipline may turn into rebels. Such rebels have a tendency to go against rules everywhere.

7.Some people may do such things under the influence of drugs or drinks. Maybe they generally wouldn't choose to be open if they are sober.

8.Some lovers may totally go into a different world and may forget their surroundings once they are in the arms of the beloved.

These are the reasons why some couples kiss in public.