Reasons Why Some Men Are Scared Of Making Love

Any woman would wonder when a man says no to a 'lovemaking date'. Yes, generally men run after women and they carve for the first touch and first experience with any woman. But on other hand, there are a handful of men who show no interest in doing that so fast.What could be the reason? Does he hate you or does he hate physical intimacy? Does he have any issues or inner demons?Well, there could be some simple reason behind it. You don't need to think so deeply because simple issues can be solved sooner or later. But if he is really suffering from a deeper issue, medical help may be required.Here are some reasons why some men are scared of making love.

1.He has tight foreskin. Yes, some men are born with tight foreskin on the manhood which could make them experience pain when they make love. A surgery may be required to correct it. In some cases, the skin gets flexible with repeated usage. Seek medical advice on this.

2.He has hidden fears. Some men do have lots of doubts. He fears that you would take naked pictures and blackmail him in the future or he may have the fear that you would force him to marry.

3.He has inhibitions. Yes, even men may need time to shed inhibitions. Some shy men may feel uncomfortable to sleep soon after the first date.

4.He has inferiority complex. If you are too hot and he's not so attractive, he may feel a bit uncomfortable to get into the bedroom in the initial stages due to inferiority complex. Gradually, he may battle the complex and become normal.

5.He is someone who takes time to feel free. Some men need lots of time to be open. Especially, introverts and reserved men may not like it when things move too fast in relationships.

6.He doesn't have desire. Men suffering from lack of desire or libido may not be so romantic as their cravings tend to be too less.

7.He has strong belief systems. If he was brought up in a family which had belief systems which never allow pre-marital lovemaking then maybe, he will touch you only after marriage.

These are the reasons why some men are scared of making love.