Reasons Why Some Men Sleep With Strangers

Some men lose their virginity in strange places. They start their romantic lives with one night stands. Some of them sleep with strangers. But other men find it really weird to sleep with someone with whom they don't share any emotional bond.If lovemaking is an act of expressing love and affection to someone who is almost a soul mate then what makes these men make love to strangers? Don't they have a heart or do they lack moral values?Well, those who sleep with strangers seldom worry about such deep questions. They tend to have their own reasons to do such things.

1.To Just Taste The Experience: Most of the virgin men who have watched a lot of porn but have never tried the real ‘thing', choose to taste the experience at least once with some stranger especially when they don't have a girlfriend to express such desires.

2.To See If They Experience Performance Anxiety: Some men who have a girlfriend but are still shy to ask her to remove the clothes tend to first check if they have any performance anxiety by sleeping with a stranger. They are scared to expose their weakness in front of a girlfriend. They think it is okay to look like a loser in front of stranger. So, they sleep with a stranger only once.

3.To Check Their Stamina: Some men would like to know how manly they are inside the bed room but they first want to test their stamina in a different playground so that they won't have any inhibitions.

4.To Brag: Some clueless men get a high when they brag about their adventures to a silly group of deluded friends. Such men sleep in strange places and brag about those episodes and feel like a king.

5.To Feel Good: Some men simply sleep just to feel good. Occasionally, they feel like sleeping with someone who is totally new. Such men go to brothels even after their marriage!

6.To Learn The Moves: Some men treat such an experience as a training session. They try to learn the theory by reading books that explain lovemaking and they try the ‘practical side' with strangers.

7.To Quench Weird Fantasies: Some men hate normal ways of love making. They tend to have weird fantasies which can't be explained to a girlfriend or a wife. So, they try such weird things with strangers so that they don't need to care about losing the gentle man image in front of a known person.

Irrespective of the reason, every man will learn the lesson the hard way after a particular age when they realise that love isn't only about the physical act of love making. Love is a divine feeling and lovemaking is like worshiping a supreme force of nature. Once this understanding prevails, every touch and sensation gets its true meaning only when a man does it with a loved one with deep love. That is how ‘friction games' end in a man's life.