Reasons Why Some Women Prefer Intelligence Over Looks

There are so many types of attraction and language isn't enough to categorise them. Yes, have you seen someone getting attracted to only intelligence of another person?Well, women who get attracted to intelligence of a man fall in this category. So, those who find mind as the most attractive aspect are known as sapiosexuals.You might have wondered why the hottest girl in your classroom has a crush over the most intelligent guy who isn't even good looking.Here are some reasons why some women prefer intelligence over looks.

1.Generally, sapiosexual women consider only intelligence as attractive and they seldom care for the outer appearance of the man.

2.But wait, handsome guys can still impress sapiosexual women but if they fail to give an intelligent conversation then they may lose the chance of dating.

3.Guys who have lots of knowledge, great command over some subjects and good communication skills may score well in the eyes of sapiosexual women.

4.Generally, sapiosexual women may lose interest in their partners if they fail to intellectually stimulate them in the long run.

5.In fact, a man's skill sets, intelligence, wisdom, and many other characteristics come into play in attracting women and this is the reason why not all guys need to pump iron in the gym and waste time.

6.Attraction needs many other aspects in place. But women may look for some other quality which is beyond physical to consider the man for long term prospects. Only muscles may bore them in the long run.

These are the reasons why some women prefer intelligence over looks.