Reasons Why Your First Love Failed

Stories and movies have hypnotised us. They make us believe in illusions. One such fantasy is first love. And we tend to believe that it is going to be beautiful.Of course, in some cases, it could be a beautiful never-ending story that lasts for a lifetime. But in a majority of cases, the first love that happens in school or college tends to be a bad decision.When hormones go berserk and impulsive nature drives us, it is tough to take a wise decision. That is why in many cases the first love proves to be a bad move. It is generally attraction; not love. So, here are some more facts.

1.Many surveys claim that the first love that generally occurs before 20 years of age tends to be an immature decision based on attraction. Men and women may just want to hook up with someone at a young age and they may mistake it for love.

2.90% of the people admit that their first love ended up as a break up. Of course, when you take a decision under the influence of attraction without weighing the pros and cons, the relationship may eventually fail.

3.Also, love at first sight tends to fail if there isn't any compatibility between the partners. When you are too young to know about the ups and downs of relationships, you may expect only romance; but relationships are more than just romance, kisses, hugs and cuddling. So, you may feel disillusioned.

4.Most of the people in happy relationships admit that they learned a lot after the failure of the first love and became better in their subsequent relationships.

5.Researchers say that the most painful breakup in life could occur after the first love fails. It could pain a lot because that is the first time one tastes rejection, disappointment or crash of self esteem.

6.All false expectations and fantasies rule when a person falls in love before reaching the age of 20 years. You may have a different picture and the reality may taste bitter. That is the problem with romance at a very young age.

7.Well, what if your first love occurs after the age of 25 years? Well, there are chances of success especially if there is compatibility, understanding, empathy, tolerance and of course good fortune.

These are the reasons why your first love failed.