Reasons Why Your Girlfriend Flirts With Others

Don't be surprised if you see your girlfriend flirting with someone else as you're not alone on this planet. Of course, it pains you inside but some girls want more attention than what a single man can provide.In fact, most of the men are like that. They crave for more women though they are in committed relationships. Though it makes their partners angry, such men and women seldom try to change their flirting habits.When you see your girlfriend smiling and talking to another man blushing on one side and flirting on another, you would surely want to hit your head against the wall.Here are some reasons why your girlfriend flirts with others.

1.Firstly let us admit it. It's fun to flirt. Who wouldn't want to get a high free of cost? Who wouldn't want to feel attractive? Only when you are desirable, others flirt with you. So, maybe your girlfriend is innocently enjoying only that temporary high that flirting gives her.

2.Some women tend to flirt due to insecurity. They don't feel attractive if they don't get enough attention from men. So, if that is the case, give more attention to your girlfriend and see whether she changes.

3.Is she an attention seeking personality? Well, such women never change even if you shower tons of love and affection. In such a case, take her to counselor.

4.Are you a romantic failure? Some women tend to seek pleasure outside the relationship if the man isn't able to thrill her enough. Check whether you are not doing your job well.

5.A small percentage of women tend to get a high when they make their men jealous. If that is the case, then don't worry. She will soon quit the habit as her target is just to make you feel jealous.

6.Some women tend to flirt with others especially when they want to breakup. So, if that is the case then get ready to move on. She lost interest in you.

7.A lot of women see it as a harmless act as flirting doesn't mean sleeping with someone. If your girlfriend is just enjoying mild flirting, don't worry too much.

These are the reasons why your girlfriend flirts with others.