Say No To Him And Know About His Character

Rejection is tough to handle. Anyone would get hurt when they're rejected in a love relationship. But how gracefully one handles the rejection defines the inner beauty of that person. You started dating a man. After a few conversations, you somehow felt that you're not able to connect with him well, what would you do? Well, you'd say no to him, right? Okay, even if you like him a lot, what if you simply say no to him to see his reaction?After saying no to him, the way he reacts to the rejection speaks volumes about his character. Some guys simply lose it and start saying nasty words. It is better to stay away from abusive men.

Know about his character by saying no to him are:

1.The moment you say 'No' to him, if he says "Cool! Even I didn't like you. You're not really beautiful!" and stuff like that, simply end the conversation there itself! A man who speaks like that has a big fat ego which gets hurt very fast. And when his ego gets hurt, he may try to hurt your ego by body-shaming you. 

2.The moment you say 'No' to him, if he cries saying "Oh! This is unfair, please give me a chance", think again. You have a got a clingy guy who keeps pleading you. Maybe he is too weak to digest facts. Maybe you can't handle his drama if you go further.

3.When you say "No" to him, if he says "Okay, but can I kiss you once?", he's an opportunist! He was running behind you for physical pleasures! When you aren't interested in a relationship with him, why do you even need to give him a hug or a kiss just because he's disappointed or shattered?

4.When you say "No", if he says "You will regret later for this", he's a blackmailer! It is good that you have walked out. Just be careful as such a guy would try to make you feel guilty with his words or actions.

5.When you say "No", if he says "You don't deserve a good man like me. You deserve a drunkard who hits you everyday, bye", he is sick! He isn't able to digest the fact that you can have a happy future. Indirectly, he's saying that you need to suffer in the hands of a wife beater just because you have rejected him.

6.The moment you say "No", if he says "Ohh...did you find a rich guy?", he's foolish at many levels. He doesn't know that you're okay to be single and you don't need a rich guy to end a bad relationship.

7.The moment you say "No", if he says "That's okay, I have so many options. Many women run behind me", then he's just a deluded womaniser who is trying to cover up his insecurity and hurt with words loaded with superiority complex.

8.A guy who uses bad words, a guy who talks about all the money he spent on the dates and a guy who tries to make you feel guilty isn't an ideal choice. So, keep moving ahead in life.

These are the ways to know about his character by saying no to him.