Secrets That We Try To Hide From Our Partners

There are certain secrets we keep even from people close to our heart. There is a reason for this. Not everything needs to be discussed with everyone. The other person should be mature enough to understand instead of judging you.Trying to be honest in relationships helps. If there is any secret that will impact your relationship in the future, it is better to reveal it. But otherwise, there is no need to tell certain silly or embarrassing things to your partner.On the contrary, your image might get damaged if your spouse is not matured enough to understand you. Before you totally surrender yourself to a person thinking twice would surely be better.Here are some secrets that we try to hide from our partners.

Secrets that we try to hide from our partners are:

1.Your First Kiss: Most of us might have had our first kiss in those crazy teenage years in a crazy way. Though some of us are willing to share such details without inhibitions, the rest of us would prefer to hide those details.

2.Number Of People We’ve Been With: People who have never experimented much in relationships might have nothing to hide, but the rest of us who have gone on a dating spree during teenage would prefer to hide it now from the life partner.

3.Gross Habits: Do you love spitting everywhere in private? Then you would like to hide that habit from your spouse as he or she may treat you like an uncivilised person.

4.Fears: Some of us do suffer from some irrational fears. Unless a partner is too close to us and never judges us, we’d prefer to keep such fears secret. It could be fear of darkness, or cats, or anything else which might scare us.

5.Family Issues: Not everybody is lucky to have a peaceful and joyous childhood. Traumatic incidents of childhood and certain family disputes are to be kept hidden as not everyone can understand your story.

6.Financial Mistakes: Most of us do certain financial mistakes; they make us look foolish. Therefore, we generally hide such things from our partners. Not only that men never declare their actual income to their partners in order to keep some money with themselves.

7.Kinky Desires: Some of us do have crazy fantasies and kinky desires. But unless you have a truly understanding partner, it is better to hide such desires to avoid being judged as a pervert.

These are the secrets that we hide from our partners.