Signs of Emotional Insecurity in Your Partner

1. Inability to handle criticism

This is one of the primary signs of an emotionally insecure individual. No criticism is constructive for them as they lack the fortitude to admit their mistakes and learn from them.

2. Perpetual need to prove their worth

They have a constant urge to prove themselves as they are extremely insecure about themselves. They hold the view that others are always analyzing their every move and one false step will prove to be their doom.

3. Low self-esteem

Apparently a man who is insecure about himself is bound to suffer from low self-esteem. This inferiority complex of theirs prevents them from facing the world and achieving anything worthwhile in their life.

4. Envy of others

Since he is emotionally insecure, he always considers others to be at a better footing than him which makes him feel jealous and angry at them. He considers others lucky and his heart overflows with envy at their success.

5. Poor communication skills

Emotional insecurity is a fundamental cause of bad communication skills. Such people stammer or stay silent as they are constantly afraid of faltering or sounding ridiculous.

6. Constant suspicion of others

If your partner keeps an eye on you all the time and even accuses you of cheating on him, then it may be an indication of their emotional insecurity. He will be always worried that you will leave him for someone better.

7. Abusive nature

This directly follows from the preceding sign. Their distrusting nature leads them to shower their wrath on you for no fault of yours. Besides, it makes them feel superior and feeds their ego.

8. Attention seeking behavior

An emotionally insecure person tries to be the center of attraction all the time and may try to achieve that by constantly cracking silly jokes or being loud all the time.

9. Urge to show off

If you find your boyfriend to be highly materialistic and throwing his wealth and whatever other minute quality he might have constantly at your face, it could all be due to his emotional insecurity.

10. Dependence on others

Does your boyfriend ask for your views and advice for the most insignificant of things? Does he seem incapable of making even the smallest of decisions for himself? If yes, then he is emotionally insecure beyond doubt and constantly needs someone else for approval.