Signs That He Is A Virgin

Though most of us think that all men lose their virginity very early in life, it is a fact that there are some men who have never tried it till they are 25 or even 30.They might have their own reasons but if you are wondering whether the guy you are dating is a virgin or not, then there are several signs to guess that. Of course, sometimes guesses could go wrong too.Only he knows whether he's a virgin or not. But still, if you are eager to guess, then here are some signs that virgin men may show. But remember the fact that virginity has nothing to do with the quality of your relationship with him.Here are some signs that he is a virgin.

1.If he is too shy around you and other women too and moves away even when a slightest touch occurs accidentally, then it means that he hasn't yet found his comfort zone in female company.

2.He tries to keep safe distance when talking to women. His face turns red when a woman even mildly flirts with him.

3.Ask him out on a date and he almost gets a heart attack kind of feeling (it could be either due to excitement or fear). Try to touch him and he shivers like he's got a paralysis attack.

4.His voice turns weird and he stammers when you try to get intimate. Some virgin men who are too shy may even have tears when a woman touches them for the first time.

5.If you are already in the bedroom then his moves tell whether he has previous experience. An experienced man directly gets into the job with confidence and skill. Inexperienced men wonder where to start and may feel a bit awkward and nervous too.

6.When you take him to the bed, a virgin guy will first eagerly scan you as if he hasn't seen anyone naked in life.

7.A small percentage of men do have very tight foreskin on the manhood. Such men may even experience bleeding when they make love for the first time in life.

These are the signs that he is a virgin.