Signs That Tell Your Son Has a Girlfriend

1. If your son doesn’t want his stuff to be touched or if he stays in his room alone for hours, you can say that he may have a girlfriend.

2. If your son has a girlfriend, he won’t like it and in fact, he would get annoyed if you or your partner takes his cell phone. If he hesitates to give his phone and other stuff to you, then it means he might have a girlfriend.

3. If he seems to be tensed, irritated and has some insecure feeling, then it may mean that your son has a girlfriend. He will find it hard speak to you properly and you can see some guilt in his eyes.

4. You can know if your son has a girlfriend by asking his friends, teachers, or you can even encourage him to share his thoughts with you.

5. If your son makes special efforts to look good, wear good clothes and has become a hygiene freak, it means he has a girlfriend. He will always prefer to look smart and handsome when he goes out.

6. You can talk to your son about dating, relationship, girls and notice how he responds to it. If he seems uncomfortable in the conversation, you can assume he is having a girlfriend. To comfort him, you can talk to him casually about other things which may lead him to admit that he has a girlfriend.