Signs That You Must Watch On Your First Date

Our body language reveals a lot about how we feel at the moment. Reading the other person's body language can make the communication a lot easy.Meeting somebody on your first date and understanding their body language is important, but it can be quite a task to accomplish this.First dates can get quite tricky if you fail to understand the person in front of you and what if the person does not speak much or open up? In such cases, body language signs can always come to your rescue.Body language speaks volumes about a person's interest in the date as your bonding progresses. It can help you in finding out the true intentions of a person, so that you're more aware of how to handle the situation in the best way possible.Understanding body language also helps you to react in a manner where you would not feel awkward too.Here are some signs that you must watch on your first date.

1.Hands Folded: This is a sign that the person is not honest with you. It also means that they are withholding their thoughts and do not wish to reveal or share things with you. In case you notice this sign, you know what's going on at the back of the mind.

2.Leaning Forward: This is a good sign. It means that the person is inclined towards you and they are very much interested in your talks. You find you pleasing and your company seems to make them feel good about you.

3.Looking Elsewhere: This is a warning body language that the person is just not interested in knowing you or any of your other stories. They might just want to walk away, as they do not find anything interesting to hold on to you.

4.Smiling And Listening: This is a clear indication that the person is totally into you. They are happy and can't stop smiling and paying attention to you while you talk. This is a positive sign that they would like to meet you again in the future.

5.Looking At Their Phone: This is a sign that they are not interested in you and are thus avoiding to take a glance at you. Instead, they would be waiting for any message or call to just leave the conversation and walk away!

6.Biting Nails: This is an indication that they are pretty nervous about talking to you. It does not usually mean a bad sign; but, for sure, the person is intimated by you and would take time to open up with you.

7.Brushing Hair With Hands: This is a cute sign that the person is blushing and you can look forward for having dates with them. It shows a keen interest in impressing you by doing this gesture.

8.Trying To Hold Your Hands: This is a sure sign that the person is totally into you. There are great chances of you sharing a romantic life together too. This is one of the signs you should look forward to if you are keen on having them as a partner.

These are the signs to watch on your first date.