Signs To Know That You Found Your Twin Flame

What's a twin flame? When a single soul seems to be living in two different bodies, it is known as twin flame. To put it more simply, when you meet a person and find a deep connection instantly and feel as though you are one but not two, then it can be said that you have found a twin flame.Twin flames have a single soul but two different bodies. Though you and your partner were born in different places, grew up elsewhere, when you suddenly meet each other at any point of time, you feel as though you are meeting your counterpart.This is a rare phenomenon and you won't get the 'feeling' with everyone. A soul mate is a bit different from the concept of twin flames.

While a soul mate is more of a romantic concept, twin flame is much more than that as it implies a spiritual connection apart from physical, emotional and romantic connection. But the spiritual bond seems to be too strong as if both the partners feel that they are a single entity.Her are some signs that you find your twin flame.

1.When you meet that person the connection could be instant. Even if the connection doesn't happen instantly, when you start talking for a few days, you get an intense feeling inside you telling that both of you are not two but one. The chemistry could get intense at that point.

2.You feel as if you knew the person since many lives. Though you are new to each other, you'd feel as if you knew that person since childhood.

3.You feel as though you have waited for that person for your whole life. No other person seems to give you the joy and the high in your life.

4.Though you have been in many romantic relationships, no other connection could be compared to a twin flame connection as it seems to be the deepest connection between two people. You feel strongly connected to your partner at a spiritual level.

5.In regular relationships, peace could turn into chaos when you get into arguments. But in twin flame relationships, even chaos can be turned into peace! This happens because both of you have a feeling inside you that you aren't separate but a single entity, you tend to forgive each other faster.

6.Sex could be ecstatic. If at all lovemaking happens between such partners, it could be a celebration to all the senses.

7.You feel an unknown sense of joy in their company. When the person is around, a sense of joy prevails out of no reason. Your logical mind can never decipher the reason why you feel that joy.

8.Though your personalities are very different, you won't find it tough to live peacefully. Generally, when two different personalities come together, there could be conflicts. But twin flames learn from each other and grow without arguing about conflicts.

9.You can sense his or her thoughts and feelings. You seem to magically know everything about your partner's thoughts and feelings and your partner seems to sense your thoughts too.

10.Above all, one main sign is unconditional love. Both of you have unconditional love towards each other and there is no room for insecurity. You feel as if your search for a partner has ended for a lifetime.

11.You feel balanced, comfortable and spiritually evolved. A magnetic force seems to work between you two and you feel very balanced and joyful in that person's company.

These are the signs that you find your twin flame.