Signs You Are Dating a Narcissist

1. When he is sad, the world ends

And that happens often. Your guy could really be just plain moody, but chances are quite high that he is a narcissist. In his view, he is the center of his own world and hence, his state of mind controls him. He loves himself so his sadness crushes him and his happiness lifts the entire room around him.

2. His important trumps your important

If he could, he would just go on and on about how is it that he is so important, and his work is so important, and his time is so important and what he contributes makes such a big difference. Moreover, every now and then, he would be undermining the kind of things that you do. His stuff is always at the top of the list, yours, not so much.

3. Not big on sharing

Chances are that he is just not comfortable sharing, but not being able to share also indicates narcissism. Think about it, why is it that he cannot share? It is because he is already sharing with someone whom he loves and adores – his own self. And because he loves himself so much, he cannot share with anyone else.

4. He wants the spotlight

Narcissists are more often than not, big time attention seekers. They need everyone to look at them when they talk about their own selves, because in their minds, they are awesome people who come across as super amazing to everyone around them.