Things That Happens If You Get Cheated

What happens if you suddenly find your partner cheating you? Well, it shatters your world! You may feel shocked and terribly disappointed.It will surely impact you for at least a few days even if you are very strong as a person. Each person takes it in a different way but anyone would first get affected.Here are some things that happens if you get cheated.

Things that happens if you get cheated are:

1.Pain: The reason why you feel painful when cheated is because the brain sees both emotional pain and physical pain alike. That is why you experience some kind of pain.

2.Gender: Some studies claim that men get hurt when their partners cheat them physically (they might not mind emotional closeness). But women get hurt even if their male partners get emotionally close to another woman.

3.Feeling Insulted: Both men and women first feel insulted when they come to know that they are being cheated. That is a blow to self-esteem.

4.Ruminations: In such situations women tend to ruminate a lot. It means they spend a lot of time thinking about the consequences and reactions of certain actions. Endless chain of negative thoughts may make it difficult to stay grounded.

5.Betrayal: Feeling betrayed can cause depression in some. While some women keep blaming themselves, some men end up blaming the whole world.

6.Reactive Patterns: Some men feel like marrying a very beautiful woman to show her off to the world in order to feel good. Women tend to feel like staying alone for the rest of the life without the support of a man to feel god. Of course, such reactive thoughts may soon subside and disappear.

7.Change: At the end of he day, though such a situation shatters self-esteem, it can surely change a person for the better. One may grow up, mature and start understanding the world in a better way. Also, it gives a chance for one to learn how to deal with pain and how to understand relationships better.

These are the things that happens when you get cheated.