Things That He Will Love About You

When you are in a relationship there are few things you and your partner accept about each other. Understanding and accepting the flaws that your partner has is something that takes the relationship to another level.One needs to remember that there should be no lies and hidden stuff that should be in a relationship. Otherwise it just complicated things. Never pretend to be someone that you’re not in order to impress your crush.After all, your partner loves you for who you are. He would not expect you to be anything other than yourself.Here are some things that he will love about you.

Things that he will love about you are:

1.Your Body: He would love everything about your body be it the size of your breasts, hips, and lips. He would simply be in love with you and not complain about it, because you are just perfect for him.

2.Your Brain: Even if you think you are not smart we sure your man thinks that you are smart. There are some smart decisions that you would surely make and not know and he would appreciate it.

3.Your Family: He would surely love your family and adjust with them even if he does not like them as he would see himself as a future part of your family.

4.Annoying Quirks: Your tantrums may annoy others but he might find it cute. This can be one of the reasons why he fell in love with you.

5.Your Voice: This is something that they love the most in you. They cannot get enough of your talk and voice. This is one of the things that your man loves most about you.

6.Your Nicknames: He might initially make fun of your nicknames, but deep down he surely loves it and admires how apt these names are for you.

7.Your Cooking: Even if you are not a good cook, the effort that you would take to make a dish for him will make him really happy. Do not bother about the taste as he would relish the dish you have made for him.

These are the things that he will love about you.