Things That Married Women Want Their Single Friends To Know

When you are married you have your set of single friends who ask you too many questions. Be it your bed life or just day to day activities they would love to hear from you.One needs to understand that being married is just not about sharing good moments with your partner, but also the ups and downs the couple face together.The moment you are married actually stirs up the brain of your single friends where they have the fear of losing you. But a little assurance from your end and explaining them about the new lifestyle will surely give them an idea that you are always there makes things better between you guys.Here are some things that married women want their single friends to know.

1.Marriage Is Not About Hating Your Mother-in-law: Come out of that idiot box filled with dramatic serials! Ofcourse you would see how loving and caring your mother-in-law is. Though there are moments when you hate them, but its okay.

2.Cute Guys Are Still An Eye Candy: Who said eyeing a cute guy is wrong when you are married? Well, drooling at an eye candy is simply not wrong. We can do it at any given point.

3.Everything Is Not Done Together: Everything is not done together. We do have our individual lives and hangout at times for shopping together or share a dinner date once in a while too.

4.The First Year Is Not Rocking: Everything is not rosy as you would think. There are many adjustments and compromises a couple makes when they are in their initial time of marriage.

5.Its Not About Sex All The Time: Come on who on earth has the time to make love all the time! You need to bond with your partner emotionally too. Its not about having only physical attachment, it is about emotional attachment as well.

6.Marriage Is Not About Having A Baby: Being married does not mean that the next step of your life is going to be a responsible parent. There are many other things the couple can do apart from making babies!

7.We Individuals Still: If you think that marriage will take away your own identity, then you are wrong my friend. Having your identity even after marriage is important.

These are the things that married women want their single friends to know.