Things That Men Should Never Fall For In A Women

The things that men like in women don’t always revolve around attractive looks or certain other standard things. There are a few non-physical things that men are drawn to too. They look for a few things in women to keep their relationship going strong yet there are also certain stuff that most guys stay away from when falling for a woman.Other than physical appearance that they like the most, there are many other things that go beyond the good looks and the sexual part. Just like there are few things that women hate about guys; there is also a certain catalogue of stuff that men detest about women.Not many men find it easy to notice everything that is strange or wrong in women. Yet believe it or not, some men are really good at quickly spotting anything that is wrong in women; it could be anything from an ugly hairstyle, sticky eyelashes, masked face or a shoddy outfit. Men are usually head over heels in love with a woman for her gorgeous physique or attractive eyes or the luscious lips.Here are some things to know about that.

1.Sarcasm And Humour: Sarcasm and humour are the strong tools of flirting. Humour keeps the discussion hassle-free while the sarcasm part does show him the strong-willed side of a woman. Teasing him in front of others about something he does or says shows the mean spirit of the woman, which does challenge his manhood. This is one of the things men should never fall for in a woman.

2.Clinginess: This is a type of woman who gets possessive quickly. At the beginning of a relationship it is never easy to identity the self esteem issue in a woman. This usually surfaces only after getting in too deep into a liaison.

3.Miss Flirty: Men enjoy and love women who flirt. They are drawn to natural flirtiness in women because it is fun and charming and this definitely shows him that courtship is all the more easier. It may be a relief for a guy to know that the woman is interested in you and she isn't shy about things. Yet, you need to understand the difference between a situational flirt and a serial flirt. Most men would loathe the latter as a serial flirt would be using her skills on everyone- whether it is her best friend, a stranger or her boss.

4.Party Girl: When a man meets her for the first time, he thinks she brings energy and she is definitely the life of the party. She may be adorable, carefree and looks like a person who loves your company. Once your relationship gets stronger, then you realise that her entire life is only revolves around the parties. And when the party is over she isn't all that fun and frivolous. Sometimes, an outgoing personality can be fun in small doses but a party girl never think long term. It is insane to be in a relationship with a person who just doesn't consider life without the parties. These are one of the things men should never fall for in a woman.

5.Chatty Chatty: It is neither good nor bad when a woman turns out to be too talkative. Some women are mostly accused of being talkative as they like to share their opinion when discussing a subject that is of great interest to them. However, men don't like women who keeps forcing her opinion on him while discussing certain subjects or when she interrupts him throughout the conversation. These are one of the 8 things men should never fall for in a woman.

6.Stalker: It is definitely satisfying to keep yourself connected with this guy you like so much, yet it doesn't mean you need to keep stalking this person by checking his Facebook page every one hour or writing to him on social media every day. This is a woman who prefers to know everything about the guy and never limits the number of times she stalks him on social media.

7.Successful: This is a woman that men feel threatened about because of her success and independence. It is better not to date a woman who has an impressive job title or a six figure income as in reality, even if men aren't insecure about her success, they feel threatened that she will not need them.

8.Commitment Temptation: Imagine you meet a woman and you are just having a great time with her on the first date. You are enjoying the share of conversation and feeling comfy with this person. However, the next thing you know she only talks about the wedding location she dreams about and how many kids she wants and the name of their future kids. This is one of the 8 things men should never fall in for a women who tends to put a lot pressure on him right off the bat.

These are the things that men should never fall for in love.