Things That Must Avoid If You're Newly Married

Getting married is a new start to life that involves many changes and adjustments to be made with your partner and these changes go on constantly. To maintain peace and harmony, the couple needs to adjust to a few things and here we bring you the list of things that a newly married couple can avoid.There are many things that a newly married couple needs to take care of while the couple is still adjusting to the new lifestyle. These are the changes that need to be followed according to Vastu, as it helps in avoiding clashes and unwanted tiffs within the couple.Here are some things that you must avoid if you are newly married.

Things that you must avoid if you are newly married are:

1.Wall Paintings: The couple needs to avoid hanging wall paintings that signify death or violence or any depressing painting in any part of the house. They are more likely to bring in negativity in the house.

2.Avoid Keeping Mirror In The Bedroom: It is not ideal to have a mirror in the bedroom and especially in a young couple's bedroom. It is said that it often leads to ego clashes and quarrels.

3.Keep Your Money In This Direction: It is ideal to keep money in the northern or eastern area of the house. This it is said to attract more money into your life.

4.Wall Paint Colour: It is recommended that a newly wed couple should avoid red as a wall colour and instead choose pastel shades like green, light blue, rose pink to paint the bedroom walls.

5.The Kitchen: According to Vastu, the gas cylinder should be placed in South-east area of the house and water source in the North-east or North direction.

These are the things that you must avoid if you are newly married.