Things That Not Impress Women Anymore

Times have changed and many other things also changed. Men still seem to have some opinions about what would impress women and what doesn't. Most of these opinions are almost outdated as women have changed a lot in the recent times.In order to look attractive to women, it isn't enough to just have a great physique or a cute face. There is a lot more you need to have.Gone are the days when a good bank balance, a fleet of cars or status in the society were the only things that mattered. Today, a lot more are being considered by women.Here are some things that not impress women anymore.

1.Money: Most of the today's urban women are working; they have become financially self sufficient and independent. Most of them aren't impressed by a man's money alone. Of course, there could be a very small percentage of women who still crave for more and more money, but the majority of today's women are no longer looking for a man's money.

2.Muscles: If an interesting, intelligent man has muscles, that will surely impress any woman but a man will never be considered only for muscles alone. Many men think that their muscles are enough to woo any woman but gone are those days.

3.Gifts: You can strengthen a bond with gifts but you can't attract new women by giving gifts. In fact, a woman can get scared and suspicious if a stranger randomly gives her a gift.

4.The 'Bad Boy' Tag: Maybe teenage girls may love the guys with the bad boy tag but not the mature women. In fact, disorganised and restless guys fail to stabilise in careers and are therefore avoided by today's women.

5.Gadgets: Men think that sporting their gadgets could get some girl's attention but that never happens. Women see men's gadgets as toys.

6.Popularity: Men think that being popular makes them more desirable but things have changed. Today's women are not carving to date the most popular men in the society. They look for something else in men.

7.Knowledge: Some men keep showing off their knowledge and fluency thinking that women will fall for such traits. Today's women can see through men. If a man seems to lack clarity about his life and his vision, even his communication skills and intelligence would fail to help him.

These are the things that not impress women anymore.