Things That She Never Tells You

Women do hesitate to tell everything on your face especially if it is a sensitive matter that might hurt you. A lot might be going on in her head, but she may choose to express only a little to keep it simple for you. But you should not take it for granted. You may need to be sensitive enough about what she expects from you even if she doesn't tell everything on your face. Here are some things that she never tells you.

Things that she never tells you are:

1.She Wants You To Look Good: Just like men, even women would like to show off the partner to friends, family and the world. There's nothing wrong in it. Of course, she appreciates your inner qualities too. But she also wants you to look good externally. She may not be able to directly tell you that because she worries how you might take it. So, groom yourself well.

2.She Too Has Crushes: Just like the way you have several crushes though you are loyal to her, she too has several crushes though she is loyal to you. But she doesn't brag about them as you might feel insecure.

3.She Wants To Feel Like A Queen: Actually, your job is to make her feel special. But she doesn't tell you openly. So, figure out ways to treat her like a queen or a princess. Basically, she wants to feel good. Use the right words, give the right gifts, throw surprise dinners and do everything that makes her feel good.

4.She Wants You To Be Clean: If you are messy, untidy and unclean, it puts her off! But she won't tell you. Whether it is your dirty nails, bad breath or smelly socks, she feels disgusted when you are unclean. She doesn't want to offend you.

5.Many People Proposed Her Before You: She doesn't want to tell you about all the handsome men who ran after her in order to make you feel unique. So, you too should never brag about your ex-girlfriends just to feel like a hero.

6.She Wants Space: Sometimes, you just leave her alone. Don't disturb her while she takes time off. Let her spend her time alone or with friends. But give her some space even if she never asks for it.

7.She Wants You To Explore Her: During lovemaking, she you may need to experiment more and find out what gives her pleasure. She may not tell you what makes her feel good. But she expects you to try new things and explore instead of using her body for your pleasure.

These are the things that she never tells you.