Things That You Don't Need To Tell Your Partner

Sometimes, we get carried away and start talking some nonsense. It happens many times. But when it comes to certain sensitive topics, it is better to be tight lipped at least in front of your partner. Of course, your partner has the right to know about anything related to your life. And sharing those details isn't really bad. It helps you maintain transparency. But without any necessity, you don't need to talk loose. In fact, it is better to not talk to much about certain things unless your partner insists on knowing more about you.Here are some things that you don't need to tell your partner.

1.Your Past Health Conditions: You don't have to talk about all the health issues you have conquered in the past. Whether it is a physical illness or a mental illness, if it is gone, you don't need to keep talking about how much you have suffered. But of course, if your partner wants to know about anything, you can tell.

2.Abuse: Certain episodes of abuse are better to be kept aside. If your partner wants to know about the abuse you have gone through, you may give him or her an idea. But otherwise, it isn't healthy to revisit those tragic moments in your memory. Also, if you keep talking about the abuse that you have gone through all the time, it may not be a pleasant conversation.

3.Whom You Fantasise Every Night: Every night, you might fantasise a celebrity or someone from your office. You don't need to tell all the details to your partner. It is harmless to imagine someone in your dreams and leave it there itself.

4.Your Image: All of us are not perfect. So we may have weird nick names or image in the school or in some circles. You don't need to tell all those stories to your partner.

5.Your Crush In Workplace: Unless your partner wants to know, don't tell such details. He or she may lose sleep and live with fear if you keep talking about your crush even when you're not asked.

6.Your Family Drama: All families do quarrel. But if you have the habit of telling all those stories filled with drama to your partner every day, it might make the scene a bit ugly. But if your partner wishes to know about your family, you can share the facts without getting into the details of the drama.

7.Details Of Your Sexual Past: If your partner wishes to know about your past, tell the truth in a sentence and close it. You don't need to go into the details which might upset him or her. If you describe how much you enjoyed making love to your ex and how much you liked his or her body, it would be embarrassing to your current partner to listen to those details.

These are the things you don't need to tell your partner.