Things That You Should Never Do For A Man

We are brain washed about certain beliefs. They tell us that relationships need certain compromises. But that doesn't mean that only women have to compromise every time.There is nothing wrong in adjusting a bit or compromising on a bit for the sake of your relationships. But at the same time, you don't need to sacrifice your joy or anything else that is valuable to you.Here are some things that you should never do for a man.

Things that you should not do for a man are:

1.Giving Up Your Pet: If your guy doesn't like pets, will you suddenly leave them? Well, your pets love you unconditionally and may miss you if you abandon them. So, try to convince your guy about that.

2.Starving: There's nothing wrong in eating food when you are hungry. So if your guy expects you to wait for him to have lunch or dinner and always comes late, you can eat without feeling guilty.

3.Kids: Having a kid should be a mutual decision. It should be a one-sided one whether it is from your side or his side. When he tries to force you on it, you can explain your side without feeling awkward.

4.Clothes: If he has any problem with your clothes, tell him how to digest the fact that clothes are totally an individual's decision.

5.Ditching Your People: Just because he dislikes a few of your friends, you don't need to ditch all of them.

6.Killing Your Career: If you are in love with your career and earning well, you don't need to discontinue it just because your guy forces you to do so. Explain him how much joy your work gives you.

These are the things you should never do for a man.