Things To Do When Your Ex Is Dating Someone Else

Let go! These words are easier said than done. A break up pains a lot and what causes more pain is seeing your ex-partner happily posing with a new person on Facebook pictures. You tend to lose sleep and may even feel like crying. You are still single trying to come out of those memories while your partner is happily dating someone.Here are some things to do when your ex is dating someone else.

Things to do when your ex is dating someone else are:

1.The Other Person Isn't Better: The moment you see your ex moving close to someone else, the first thought that comes to you is "In what way that person is better than me?" Actually, you are no less than the person your ex is dating currently. You don't need to compare yourself with anyone. Your ex-partner maybe dating someone else simply to move on or to avoid being single. She or he is not dating just because someone else is better than you.

2.You Didn't Lose: Relationships are not a competition where you win or lose. Relationships are just a necessity like food, clothing and shelter. Don't give a dead relationship more importance than it deserves.

3.He Or She Still Cares: Your ex still carries your memories in his or her heart. So, you don't need to feel ignored.

4.Accept The Reality: Once someone has moved on, accept the facts and try to move on without peeping into his or her life. So, your partner's current relationships aren't actually your business.

5.Life Isn’t A Race: Sit back, relax and don't rush to get into a relationship to show off your new partner to your ex. Life isn't a competition.

6.You Are Unique: Everybody is unique and everybody will find someone who admires them as they are. So, just wait for the one who comes into your life and respects you for what you are.

7.Stop Stalking: All pain starts when you stalk your ex on Facebook to see the pictures of his or her current relationship. So, stay away from such actions that cause pain.

These are the things to do when your ex is dating someone else.