Things To Know About Text Blasting In Romance

Generally, business owners use the technique of text blasting by sending lots of texts to lots of people at a time using automated programs. They do this to promote their products or services.But when it comes to relationships, some men and woman use text blasting to overwhelm their partners. It simply involves sending lots of texts to a partner to engage the other person all the time.This method may work only in some cases and in some age groups. It may not work well all the time as the other person may feel disturbed.Here are some things to know about text blasting in romance.

1.The first motive behind text blasting is to occupy the mind space of the other partner. Some men keep sending texts randomly to their partners just to engage the other person.

2.Insecurity could be another reason. Clingy men try to keep in touch with their partners throughout the day with the help of texting.

3.Addiction could be another reason. Some people are literally addicted to sending and receiving texts for the whole day. Their day seems to be incomplete without texting.

4.Some people use texting only to enhance their bonds. Keeping in touch with a loved one most of the time through texting isn't a bad thing.

5.Some men use texting as a love bombing tactic. This means making a woman addicted to their constant chatter is their aim so that the woman would miss them when all of a sudden the texting comes to a stand still.

6.When you are in love, text blasting gives a high. Every time you send or receive a text, your brain releases some feel good chemicals and this is the reason why some people enjoy this game.

7.Some people rely a lot on texting to exchange notes. They rely on this medium to share ideas concepts and opinions. This could be a healthy way though too much is always not recommended.

These are the things to know about text blasting in romance.