Things To Know About What Exactly Is 'Chemistry' In Relationship

When you say that you have chemistry with her, you mean you are attracted to her. Well, it is a very complex aspect of relationships as you feel that 'uncontrollable pull' towards that person. And then, it is a very strong connection.In most of the cases, strong chemistry leads to physical intimacy as you tend to feel the pull strongly when that person is around. In some cases, though it doesn't involve physical touch, it tends to be very strong. To put it in a nutshell, chemistry is nothing but an unconscious pull towards someone for which several factors play a role without your knowledge.Some factors that play a role are effortless and smooth communication, physical attraction, trust, being non-judgmental and lots of similarity between two people. When such factors exist, chemistry develops very fast. And then starts love, lust and the desire to get naked with that person.Here are some facts to know about what exactly is chemistry.

Things to know about what exactly is chemistry are:

1.The reason why chemistry got its name is because brain chemicals have a lot of role in developing this kind of unconscious pull. In fact, that is why it is impossible to control yourself when you are attracted to someone strongly. You feel that nothing is in your hands.

2.Nobody can define chemistry with a set of signs because it manifests in many ways, in some relationships, no external signs are visible but still both the people get attracted to each other strongly without any visible reason.

3.The roots of chemistry can be emotional, psychological or even physical; so it is tough to categorise or dismiss it as a fleeting passion.

4.Imagine this situation. You saw someone and met that person. After that, if you are obsessively waiting for that person to meet you the second time then it could be a psychological reason. Whenever you think about that person, your lips stretch and smile in such a case.

5.If your face turns red and your blood pressure rises when you see that person, then it could be a physical reason. There would be lot more exciting sensations in such an attraction which finally make you crave for intercourse with that person.

6.If you feel good and comfortable and if your heart fills itself with positive emotions and joy when the person is around then your chemistry could have emotional reasons behind it.

7.Unless it is an abusive relationship, you don't need to worry about irrational feelings that develop towards a person. If you wish to enjoy life and go with the flow, you don't need to deeply analyse the reasons behind chemistry. You can simply enjoy it for as long as possible.

These are the things to know about what exactly is chemistry.