Things To Know That You Accidentally Cheating

In this high-end technology-filled world, with social medium being the most popular way of connecting to the people, we tend to forget the actual world.The virtual things around us keep us so busy and we are so engrossed in it that we do not even realise on the time that we are wasting on this.In the same way, when you are in a relationship, there are chances of you taking your partner for granted.We tend to do this mistake once we are happily settled in our relationship. There are times when we do not think of what the other person might feel. And we thereby indulge in activities that can harm our current relationships.These are the things that we do in our daily lives. Deep down somewhere, doing these things is only pushing us away from our partners and it would affect our relationship in the long run.Here are some things to know about you are accidentally cheating.

1.Lying To Them: When you go out with a friend who is of the opposite sex, there are a lot of chances that you might end up in lying to your partner about it. You would think that your partner might get offended with this step, which is absolutely wrong.

2.Getting Physically Close: While you're chatting with your friends of the opposite sex, touching their hands or shoulders unintentionally can create feelings. Though this is something that was not on your mind, this unintentional action can make you fall for your friend.

3.Texting Strangers: You tend to spend hours talking to strangers or friends whom you've hardly meet. Even when you are with your partner, you tend to update them about your activities. When your partner asks you about whom you're texting to, you'd tend to lie as you know that the person is still a stranger deep down, yet you do it. This is how you are cheating your partner.

4.Not Receiving Calls: You are happy talking to your friends and when your partner calls, you tend to ignore their call and continue talking. The next time you talk to them, you lie and make up stories of you being busy or held up and hence couldn't answer their calls.

5.Hiding The Phone: You have texts from other friends which you do not wish your partner to see. The moment your partner touches your phone, you tend to react in a different way. Though the messages might not be fishy, yet doing so, you'll tend to spoil things for yourself.

6.Being Discreet: Being discreet and not letting your partner know about your activities and the latest updates can only make things worse in your relationship. Avoid doing that and be frank with your partner to avoid chances of cheating on them.

These are the things to know that you are accidentally cheating.