Things To Remember When Dating A Younger Man

The trend is catching up. Many young men of this generation don't think twice to marry a woman older than them. It is no longer a taboo especially if the couple is happy with the decision.So, if you are in your thirties and still single and if a man who is a few years younger than you is running behind you, you can surely consider him. But wait, don't be too fast.It is a fact that young men do have a desire to sleep with older women. If your motive is to only enjoy a few dates with him, well, you may go ahead but if you want a committed relationship with that young man, then you must tread slowly until his actual motives are evident.Until you are totally clear about his intentions, just maintain distance. But if he seems stable then you can go ahead.

1.Analyse His Motives: Does he just want to sleep with you and marry some other young woman? Would you like to be just a bed partner for him? If no, then wait. Study his intentions. In each conversation, see what he talks about and try to analyse his mind.

2.Don't Get Into The Bed Too Fast: Of course, if he is too cute, you might be tempted to get into the bedroom but wait. Some men simply disappear after an intimate date. So, don't be too fast. Postpone such things until you're clear that he is serious. If he loses patience when you postpone dates then it means that he is with you only for ‘that'.

3.Ask Relevant Questions: In every conversation, ask certain questions about his future plans and what he expects in a relationship. This will help you visualise your future with him if possible.

4.Test Him In A Few Ways: Before you trust him, test him. All of a sudden, give him a call and tell that your parents want to see him. If he gives excuses then it means that he is scared of marrying you.

5.Study His Past Relationships: Before trusting him, try to do a background check by talking to his friends about his past relationships. Did he ditch anyone? Was he honest with his ex-girlfriend? Was he a woman hitter? Was he abusive? That information will help you know the kind of a person he is.

6.Is He Employed Or Jobless? You are a settled woman who has a job. Is he after your money? If he is currently jobless then be careful. He might be after your money.

7.Will He Marry You? Unless there is a clear answer to this question, it is a waste of time to pin your hopes on a young man who is running after you for a momentary comfort.

These are the things to remember when dating a younger man.