Things You must Consider Before Starting an Open Marriage

An open marriage is a marriage in which both partners give sexual liberty to each other that they could engage in extramarital sexual relationships without attracting any accusation or blame of disloyalty. While it has several benefits, it also has things that could make your life go haywire. Listed here are the 7 things you must consider before starting an open marriage.

1.Life might just get complicated

The first thing to consider is that your life would get just too complicated once you get into an open marriage. Having multiple sexual partners is not the problem – the problem is that you now have a spouse, officially. No matter how much you are into the relationship with your husband, in an open marriage, focusing on each other goes for a toss.

2.Rules of the game

You must set the rules of the game beforehand. It is true that you have already agreed upon the basic dos and don’ts with your partner, but you must keep things crustal clear than just known. When you know by what rules you are going to live your lives while still being married, an open marriage would be easier to handle. But you should be certain that these rules are workable in the long term.

3.Protection issues

When you are having more than one sexual relationship, the idea may be exciting, but you should most certainly keep your own safety and protection in mind. Know that your husband too is following safe sex and taking necessary precautions against infections and sexually transmitted diseases.

4.It could be disastrous

As already stated, while open marriages work just fine for some, for others it could be an outright disaster. There are so many things that an open marriage would make complicated. And as it complicates your life, it could mess things up very badly for you as well as for your partner.


An open marriage is almost another name for uncertainty. You are never certain about anything, the least important of which is who you are going to sleep with the next day. Remember that an open marriage comes with a lot of uncertainty and you should be ready to deal with them.

6.Jealousy, dishonesty and infidelity

The several things which you may think have been taken care of in an open marriage could crop up as potent disasters in your relationship with your partner. Questions of dishonesty and infidelity may not be raised, but both of you would be subject to suspicion- it is only human nature. You may have decided beforehand not to be jealous of each other, but still you may feel that emotion when he dresses up for a potential date. 

7.Family and secrets

One final thing you should think about is your family. Are they supportive of your decision? Are you going to keep secrets? What happens when they spill? Consider telling or not telling your family about your decision and be ready to handle any aftermath that may follow eventually.