Thoughts That You Would Get In Your New Relationship

In a relationship, you tend to undergo many emotional ups and downs. You experience a sudden burst of emotions, which you may have never felt before. But, what happens when you are in a new relationship?Be it from getting annoyed when you do not get an instant reply from your current love interest to having doubts if the relationship would really last, you tend to feel all the emotions possible.These emotional stages are something that can make you laugh and feel stupid about your sudden emotional outburst. Just relax, read on and enjoy these funny and weird emotional changes that you undergo when you are in a new relationship.Here are some thoghts that you would get in your new relationship.

1."Every Song I Sing Reminds Me Of You": Any damn song that you hear will remind you of the person and you will just love the feeling of being in love with this person!

2."I Am Not Completely Into That Thing You Do": You would expect your love to accept you the way you are and you would not change yourself, well, at least, initially!

3."I Will Check On Your Ex's": You would constantly look at the pictures of your ex's just to make sure you're any day more hotter than them.

4."We Both Are Sooo Mad At Each Other": You may fake the anger part initially; but, over a period of time you might end up in having small arguments. So, make sure not to fake your emotions with your loved one.

5."Why Did Your Ex Ever Breakup With You": The very first thought that you would get in this situation is, why did your current love interest breakup with his/her ex. You will ponder on this question for a certain time; however, it is best you don't and just accept the fact and trust your partner.

These are the thoughts that you would get in your new relationship.