Tips to Stay Assertive in a Relationship

1. Trust your partner

Trust is the foundation of a relationship. A couple should have trust and faith in each other and always support each other. Always assure your partner that you trust them. Do not doubt your partner unnecessarily, it brings frustration and negativity in a relationship.

2.Avoid unnecessary fights

Fighting and arguing on small and unnecessary reasons over a period of time can cause frustration and irritation. It gets negativity in the relationship eventually and brings distance between the partners.

3.Express your love and feelings

In a relationship, the partners should keep expressing their love from time to time, this gives assurance to both the partners, the love and positivity in the relationship is maintained.

4.Avoid the involvement of outsiders

Many relationships break because of listening to other people’s opinion or involving a third person. Couples listen to others and make their relationship public, which would bring in negativity because of the negative opinions and suggestions. Hence avoid listening to any advice from a third party.

5.Develop understanding

The more you understand your partner the better it is for the relationship. Couples should understand each other more with time and try to accept their partners the way they are. This solves most of the problems, you understand more so you argue and fight less. This keeps the relationship assertive.

6.Control temper

Anger is the biggest enemy of a person; a person says many things that are wrong and words that cannot be taken back because he/she loses control due to anger. Things said in anger makes the situation bitter and negative. Eventually this increases the distance between the couple, control what you say when you’re angry to maintain positivity in a relationship