Types Of Lovers You Will Definitely Meet

The First One

You believe that your first love would be the last and put in your everything. Meeting each other after school, walking on the playground hand in hand and exchanging chits in classrooms. Check! That’s precisely what first love gives you – the excitement, the belief that everything is just as is in the fairy tales, everything just how you imagined it would be 

The Possessive One

It lets your guards down and makes you stronger, emotionally. But that doesn’t stop you from falling in love again. Possessive lovers are people you find almost everywhere; they are usually the ones who restrict you in certain things and are insecure about the fact that you might get closer to other people than him/her. No matter how childish that would have seemed, you low-key dug being wanted so much by someone

The Intense One

These are the kind who make you discover what loving someone means! Be it taking care of you, being there for you or just the fact that you love chocolate chip a little more than anything explains the fact that he/she is so invested in loving you completely. They make sure you don’t feel underappreciated and make it a point always to meet you. They show you their most vulnerable side, which is only possible if you really love the person so much or trust them so much. Nevertheless, love them or hate them, you won’t be able to forget them

The Secretive One

Probably the most difficult to connect with, they take time to open up and let you in. They take their own time in understanding you inside out, and it is that period when you feel confused and wonder if you are putting in as many efforts as you thought you would. But once they open up and let their guards down, you will see a completely new side