Types Of Women You Should Not Mary According To Chanakya

Since years, people have been following the words of Chanakya. He is considered as a man of wisdom and the one who could solve any problem. Be it the finances or the personal issues, he had his own opinion on everything.Since marriage is a very important thing in one's life, men used to consult Chanakya about his opinion on the types of women that they need to marry.Chanakya had warned men about the different types of women who they should not get married to. These are the women who have certain traits and Chanakya had warned men beforehand to stay away from such women.Here are some types of women you should not marry.

1.“Do Not See Beauty Over Brains”: Generally, men select their life partners based on the looks of the lady rather than seeing her intellectual level. But, Chanakya warned men not to marry women who are only beautiful but not brainy.

2.“Do Not Go For Ladies With A Bad Family Background”: Chanakya said that one needs to check the girl's background before he marries her. If a girl's family background is bad, then chances are that the lady can turn out to be a house-breaker.

3.“Stay Away From Rude And Obnoxious Women”: If a woman is rude and obnoxious, then a man should not marry her at all. This even implies if she is heavenly beautiful from the outside. He believed that such a woman can bully her husband for his entire life.

4.“Do Not Go In For A Bad Natured Women”: A woman with bad nature can easily destroy her ties with her husband due to her nature. Hence, a man should not marry such a woman.

5.“Once A Liar, Always A Liar”: This is something that we all believe in. Chanakya believed that a woman who lies will use it against her husband and can even break the family. This is why men should not marry such women.

6.“Stay Away From Unfaithful Women”: A woman who is unfaithful to her own family will obviously be unfaithful to her husband. She can cheat on him at a later point. Hence, he advised men that they should not marry such women.

7.“Do Not Marry A Women Who Knows Nothing About Household Chores”: According to Chanakya, a woman who does not know much about household chores should not get married at all. Though this is debatable topic in today's world, there are a few people who still believe in this.

These are the types of women should not marry.