Unknown Weird Facts About Love Making To Know

Though the human race has reached the outer space and moon, it still fails to find answers to many questions in many areas of life. One such area is love and lovemaking.Love and romance are still mysteries and even scientists fail to explain why some things happen in a certain way when someone falls in love.In fact, we still don't know why nature has designed us to secrete certain hormones and release certain chemicals that make us feel good when we touch someone or when a loved one touches us.Frankly speaking, the external stimulus is just a trigger to the internal chain reaction of events that happen in the chemical world that exists amidst the biological world inside our bodies.Here are some weird facts about love making to know.

Weird facts about love making to know are:

1.Many surveys claim that women who commit adultery have higher chances to do so on the day of ovulation and this could be because their desire reaches peaks on that day.

2.Most of us wonder whether grandparents make love but we're scared to ask them. Well, a research says that about 30% of old women who are above 80 years still engage in lovemaking with their partners.

3.When a man ejaculates, the first drop of semen is said to travel at the speed of 26-28 miles/hour which is more than the speed of the world's fastest athlete.

4.Generally, men burn around 200 calories after making love whereas women burn around 70 calories (unless she is on the top!)

5.What women might not be aware is the fact that even men's nipples get erect and sensitive when they are in the mood.

6.A survey reveals that masturbation can minimise the symptoms of depression as an orgasm can change the brain chemistry for a while and also release certain hormones that can comfort you a bit.

7.What surprises many men is the fact that women reach their climax faster when they masturbate and slower when they participate in 'that'.

8.Women who suffer migraines tend to love to engage more in love making, as orgasms could relieve their headaches.

9.Though many other factors play an important role in having a healthy romantic life, research says that low cholesterol levels can guarantee better performance.

10.Just like a sneeze, an orgasm cannot be stopped. If it comes, it comes. Nobody can stop it. Research reveals that some people tend to crave for more whereas some people never show much interest in romance. The reasons are unknown.

11.Men have testosterone levels which dictate their libido. If you wish to know how much testosterone levels your man has, compare the sizes of his index finger and ring finger. If the ring finger is longer, then his T-levels are high. The longer the ring finger, the higher his T- levels!

These are the weird facts to know about love making.