Ways That Age Makes You Better In Bed

Though lovemaking is an art, bedroom isn't a platform where one needs to showcase one's skills to win a certificate or a gold medal. In fact, that kind of approach may prove to be counterproductive as it causes performance anxiety in both men and women especially when they perceive romance as an exam.That is why age is awesome. With age, we gradually learn a lot in bed. With age, we bust many myths and become more open.When you are young, you tend to have vast supplies of immense energy but you may not know how to utilise them to enhance the pleasure in bed. But with age, you will realise that it isn't about what you do and how you do in bed but it is about how lovingly you do every small thing in bed.Here are some ways that age makes you better in bed.

Ways that age makes you better in bed are:

1.Making love is more like expressing your love to your partner. But young men perceive lovemaking as a championship. They treat it like a running race. So, they tend to feel manly only if they perform well; they feel depressed when they fail. But with age, they realise that bedroom is not a race course.

2.Some women may suffer low self-esteem when they are young. And some women tend to have over confidence when they are young. Both these extremes are due to negative self-image or distorted self-image. Such feelings could hamper bed life; but with age, women tend to become more comfortable in their skin and that is when they offer more comfort to a man in bed.

3.When a woman feels too obsessed with her slimness and size zero figure, her capacity to be good in bed may decrease. But with age, when she accepts that she is beautiful whether she's slim or not, she can offer a better experience to her man.

4.When a man is young, he thinks that all that women want is wildness in bed. But as he ages, he learns to handle a woman with gentleness and care (like how one handles a delicate flower).

5.When a man is young, he is selfish. He tends to do things that satisfy himself in bed neglecting to do things that satisfy the partner. But with age, he realises that true joy is in making her happy first.

6.A study claims that men between the ages 50-65 are coolest in the bedroom. The reason is because they worry less. They know what they are. They realised that they don't need to prove anything to anyone. They also know what a woman wants. They also know that love isn't everything about testosterone.

7.Many studies have confirmed that men secretly dream about making love to older women. On the other side, women desperately try to look younger and slimmer. The reason why men love to sleep with mature women is because they come across as caring, nurturing, confident, loving and beautiful counterparts. Also, experienced women seem to know how to excite a man. They seldom have inhibitions. They seldom waste time showing attitude or drama. This way, experience can just make anyone better in bed whether it is a man or a woman.

These are the ways that age makes you better in bed.